Miles Teller Knows Fantastic Four Fans Hate Him And Think They're Ruining The Franchise

Miles Teller is set to play Mr. Fantastic in Fox's The Fantastic Four, a reboot of the film series set to release next August. There's a vocal contingent of fans who are not pleased with this. In fact, there's a large contingent of fans who seem to not be pleased with anything they've heard about this film so far.

Teller has heard these complaints. He knows about the haters and, as he tells The Huffington Post, he's just going to shake it off:


Like you said, there are a million blogs and websites talking about the casting and they hear one little thing, like, oh, there was rumor it was a found-footage movie, so then there were a million comments on that. If we're going to be up for everybody's public disposal of it, I try not to get too caught up with anything on the Internet. Out of sight is out of mind for me a lot of the time. I already know that people hate me for the fact that I'm playing Reed Richards and that we're ruining their franchise. It's tough because when you're taking on a franchise that's already been established, you do kind of owe something to the characters and to the creator. At the same time, you want to bring it to a fresh audience. My dad grew up with the "Fantastic Four" comic book and not a lot of kids did, so you also want to make a movie that they can enjoy. I will say that this film that we made is not really for little kids, I don't think. We do take a more mature approach.

Fans have less than a year to warm up to the film. The Fantastic Four will release into theaters August 7, 2015.