Minions Gets Honest Trailer


It's Honest Trailer time for Minions and the guys at ScreenJunkies didn't hold back from calling out Universal Studios for crafting a cash grab children's movie.

Minions, which featured jokes about the 60's too old for the six year olds to catch and their still-too-young-to-get-it parents, went all out with their marketing push. Honest Trailers dug in on both of those facts.

Evolving from single-celled yellow organisms at the dawn of time, Minions live to serve, but find themselves working for a continual series of unsuccessful masters, from T. Rex to Napoleon. Without a master to grovel for, the Minions fall into a deep depression. But one minion, Kevin, has a plan; accompanied by his pals Stuart and Bob, Kevin sets forth to find a new evil boss for his brethren to follow. Their search leads them to Scarlet Overkill, the world's first-ever super-villainess.

Minions is available on Blu-ray and DVD December 8, 2015.