Neighbors Tops The Amazing Spider-Man 2 At Friday Box Office

Neighbors & The Amazing Spider-Man 2

May is shaping up to be a very competitive month at the U.S. box office, and it's entirely possible that no one movie will top the box office for more than one weekend in May. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened big last weekend with a $91.6 million debut at the U.S. box office. However, it looks like Spider-Man's reign will end after only one weekend. Neighbors is shaping up to be potentially the biggest comedy hit of the summer box office. Neighbors finished at the top of the box office on Friday with a $19.5 million opening day. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 finished second with $10.1 million for it's second Friday. Neighbors is now projected to easily win its opening weekend with a projected box office of between $45 million to $50 million. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 should take second place with an estimated $35 million to $37 million second weekend at the U.S. box office. With Godzilla set to open next weekend at the U.S. box office followed by X-Men: Days of Future Past the following week, the month of May will likely see four different movies top the box office in the first four weekends. With great buzz, X-Men: Days of Future Past probably has the most likely chance of winning two weekends in a row at the U.S. box office in May, but it will also face tough competition from Maleficent which opens on May 30.