Neill Blomkamp Is Officially Making An Alien Movie


Well, chalk up another win for the Internet.

Less than two months after a series of Instagram images tweeted by Chappie director Neil Blomkamp went viral online, the dream project they represented has come to fruition.

That, of course, is a new installment in the Alien franchise.

At the time, he shared the images, saying that there was no harm since the project was dead. When fans responded to that with frustration at the studio, he clarified that Fox hadn't even known he was working on a pitch.

He added on Twitter, "maybe I'll go back to it," which seemed to bolster the idea that this was a fairly self-directed pitch and that he, at a minimum, hadn't been told that the studio wasn't interested, since there would be no sense in returning to the project if it had been killed at the studio level.

Today, he was whistling a slightly different tune...


Um... So I think it's officially my next film. #alien

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The apparent scoop was then confirmed by industry trade Variety.


Currently, Blomkamp is working on a feature-length version of his short film Chappie. The Alien franchise is mostly in progress at Dark Horse Comics, with Prometheus leading the charge in cinemas, looking at a different era of the property's history.