New Avengers Movie Trailer Officially Announced

It’s official. There will be a new trailer for The Avengers released on Wednesday, February 29 [...]

The Avengers Movie 2012

It's official. There will be a new trailer for The Avengers released on Wednesday, February 29 on iTunes. Speculation about the trailer had been mounting all week, as the official German Facebook page for The Avengers announced that a new Avengers trailer would be released on Wednesday at 6 PM German time. However, sometimes new foreign releases for a trailer just mean a previously released U.S. version is being redubbed. But Entertainment Tonight also announced that on Tuesday, February 28 they would be airing exclusive footage from a visit to the top secret set of The Avengers. While the ET preview for the episode doesn't mention a new trailer, Marvel Studios has a history of providing Entertainment Tonight with preview footage from new trailers they are releasing.

Now, to definitely confirm the rumor, the U.S. Facebook page for The Avengers has posted, "Only 3 days left until the premiere of the new Marvel's The Avengers trailer on iTunes!" This new trailer will be either the second or third official trailer for The Avengers depending on how you count them. There was the original trailer, and there was also an extended Super Bowl commercial that is often labeled as the second trailer. In the case of the extended Super Bowl commercial, it contained some of the same footage from the original trailer with aliens and new footage added. It will be interesting to see if this brand new trailer highlights completely different footage from the film or reveals any new spoilers. We're half expecting to see more footage of Loki's army showing different-looking aliens than have been shown in previous footage and toy designs. The Avengers Movie is scheduled to be released in theaters on Friday, May 4, 2012.