New Batman V Superman Concept Art Shows Early Confrontations


Empire Magazine's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice issue is out on stands and digitally now, and has given us a ton of new information on the movie. There are also some new concept art shots that haven't been officially released on their online portal yet.

A fan screenshotted those and they show some interesting scenes.

The first shows what may be the first, or at least a very early, conversation between Batman and Superman. Superman, in the shot, stands by the Bat-Signal, appearing to be using it to call Batman to the scene for a chat.

The second shows Batman standing alone - with a whole lot of heavy firepower. It looks like he's in his Bat-Armor that's reminiscent of Frank Miller's style, and ready for a fight.

We'll update the post with official shots if and when Empire releases them.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.