New Dredd Trailer Focuses on the Judges


There's only one thing protecting Mega City One from descending into chaos: the Judges. And there's really only one Judge who stands between peace in the Peachtree development and Ma-Ma Madrigal taking over the whole city with her Slo-Mo trade. That's the message of the new Dredd 3D trailer, which just debuted on Fandango and on the site's Facebook page but can be watched below. It's probably the best indication of the film's actual plot we've seen yet from one of these trailers, although it certainly still suffers from some Hollywood marketing that plays up the whole "He's judge, jury and executioner"/"I am the law" schtick that was actually the exact same ad campaign used to promote the 1996 movie based on Judge Dredd. The one that's almost universally maligned. Still, it's a high-energy trailer that gives viewers the best indication yet of what they've got to look forward to in the brilliant film that hits theaters on September 21. Give it a look and ignore the captions.