New Mutants Movie Script First Draft Completed

The next step in getting the New Mutants to screen has been completed. Director and co-writer Josh Boone tweeted out today, "The first draft of New Mutants is COMPLETE."

Boone included his co-writer Knate Lee and producer Simon Kinberg in the triumphant tweet. New Mutants is one of several X-Men movies currently in various stages of development. Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse are next, in 2016, with Gambit, Wolverine 3, and New Mutants all confirmed as on the way.

No real details have been released about this project, aside form the writers and director. They have said they've done research on various story arcs and eras of the comic books, though, and Boone has a classic New Mutants page as his twitter background.


The big question is whether this will be where Cable, another Rob Liefeld (creator of Deadpool) creation will show up. He originally made his first appearance in New Mutants #87, and transitioned the book into X-Force, which, incidentally, is another team/concept that has at one time been floated as a possible movie at Fox.