New Pacific Rim Trailer Released Online


A new (and given its impending release date possibly final), full-length trailer for Pacific Rim has debuted on iTunes Movie Trailers today. You can check it out here. The new trailer, maybe in response to the popular conception that the film is a mindless action orgy that's basically Transformers meets Godzilla, is very character-driven, giving fans a sense for the Drift--the process of the two Jaeger pilots linking between themselves and the machine--and the consequences of such a connection. "The kaiju/robot battles are great and they're so lavish and they're so lush and they're some of the best effects work I've ever seen but I think part of what makes the movie work–like when you see the Gipsy Danger coming and hitting the kaiju with the boat, obviously everybody gets a kick out of it," screenwriter Travis Beacham told, referencing a scene from this trailer. "But part of when you see a movie what makes that so satisfying and what I'm really itching for everyone to see is what's happening inside these people who are driving it and the context in which that scene takes palce–it makes it hundreds of times more satisfying when they smack that monster upside the head with the boat. The character stuff in the movie I think works on a level that you'd be hard-pressed to convey in the modern, trailer-oriented marketing scheme." Of course, they do point out that it's "Two thousand, five hundred tons of awesome." The film, directed by Hellboy's Guillermo del Toro and produced by Man of Steel's Legendary Pictures, will be in theaters on July 12.