New Star Wars: Episode VII Rumors Describe Major Villain's And Other Aliens' Designs

While we can only consider them rumors at this point, a massive amount of Star Wars: Episode VII leaks have broken out, including the first description of the film's major villain.

Star Wars website unearthed several anonymous reports from the film's set, where the leaker described particular designs and characters. Chief among them was the their description of the new villain, which the website summarized as a hybrid between Darth Vader and The Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

As the site described the villain's look: "The helmet looks like a samurai helmet. If you took Shredder from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" and removed all the ornate additions from the helmet, you could have something similar. The back is kind of like Vader's helmet but it is short, it just protects the back of the head, leaving the neck exposed. The face is covered. But you can see the eyes. This costume is Darth Vader if he were a ninja. Where the eye holes are, there is some light colored design…It reminds me of Shredder, a little bit of someone from Cobra in the old G.I. Joe and he has a black flowing cloak and red lightsaber which makes it look very cool."

The report also gave details on a new alien or creature. Looking somewhat like General Grievous from Revenge of the Sith, the character had a skeletal head and body, with porcupine-like quills jutting out of his skull in place of hair. In what may be the best character mash-up of all time, the website further described the alien "As if Satan made an army of Shy Guys from Super Mario Brothers and outfitted them with riffles." If J.J. Abrams didn't already have our $10, he does now.

Finally, the website outlined conceptual drawings of rebel characters. The illustrations featured a line-up of characters against a white backdrop, sporting dress that is similar to leaked images of rebels at Greenham Common's rebel base. One of the rebels, according to the description, had actor Adam Driver's haircut. Wearing a mustard tunic, the character also held a blaster in his hand. If the character is indeed Driver, it would indicate that the actor's character is a member of the rebel alliance, or a type of outlaw at the very least.


Until these rumors are eventually verified or shut down, however, it might be best to consider them as little more than Jedi mind tricks.