No Extended Edition Home Release Planned for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

jj abrams john boyega
(Photo: David James/Lucasfilm Ltd.)

Despite the general trend in Hollywood to do extended or "unrated" cuts of films for the home release, there are no such plans for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, director J.J. Abrams revealed at TCA Saturday.

"There will be deleted scenes [on the home release], but not an extended version," he told

The first cut of the film was "close to two hours and 50 minutes," so there's about 30 minutes of footage that almost made it into the movie, but didn't in the end. Abrams gave no indication of how much of that (or other footage shot but not fully produced) would make it onto the DVD/Blu-ray/Digital releases, and that's probably more a question for Disney, anyway.

Several scenes and sequences that were seen in the two teaser trailers and the one full trailer didn't make it into the film, so it's possible that longer versions of those scenes would be included.

The first three Star Wars films were famously recut and edited multiple times by George Lucas, creator of the franchise. After computer generated graphics technology improved, he even released full "Special Editions" of the films in theaters - and those are the only versions currently (legally) available for viewers at home, as well.