Oblivion Gets The Cinema Sins Treatment

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With Tom Cruise's latest science fiction blockbuster, Edge of Tomorrow, just two weeks away from release, CinemaSins has turned its attention to a previous, less-than-beloved, Tom Cruise science fiction blockbuster, Oblivion. CinemaSins takes Oblivion to task for its cliché-ridden plot, overabundance of exposition, and complete disregard for physics. I personally find this kind of shot-by-shot breakdown of all of the small flaws of an already failed film to be a bit banal, especially since the commentary isn't particularly witty or insightful, but the nearly 25,000 views the video has gotten on YouTube suggest that I may be in the minority. You can check out the entire CinemaSins video embedded below. Tom Cruise will give it another try in Edge of Tomorrow, coming to theaters June 6.