Original Star Wars Trilogy Given Modern Force Awakens Style Trailer

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

The modern film trailer is an art-form unto itself. There are specialists who only create trailers, and in them, they're making short films that need to entice viewers into watching something 50-100 times longer, but also stand on its own as an entertaining and cohesive piece. An intrepid fan has done that for the original Star Wars trilogy, using the music and style of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This trailer shows the timelessness of that original story, and how deeply it can still resonate. If you watch this trailer and it doesn't make you want to immediately run home and watch those movies again, then you're probably just not any kind of Star Wars fan.

It also shows just how strong John Williams' new soundtrack, mixed with his classic themes, really is. The swells and hits make everything they touch more epic. If John Williams made a soundtrack to my life, I'd certainly feel a lot cooler.


So yes, there have been many remakes, parodies, and tweaks made to the trailer, but using its music to promote the older story is new and spectacular.