Original Superman Movie Lois Lane's Complaint About Man Of Steel

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While Man Of Steel has been flying high at the box office, the movie has proven to be controversial with critics, fans, celebrities, and comic industry professionals. It seems like every day there is someone new weighing in with their opinion on Man Of Steel. Now, Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the original 1978 Superman: The Movie, has expressed her two cents on the Man Of Steel. It turns out Margot Kidder was a big fan of Man Of Steel. According to WAtoday, Margot Kidder said, "I thought it was wonderful and I thought that young Amy Adams was just terrific." However, Margot Kidder did have just one complaint about the movie, but it wasn't the Superman and Zod scene that others have been debating. Margot Kidder's complaint was that there wasn't more of Amy Adam's Lois Lane in the movie. Kidder said, ""I wanted a lot more of her, I wish they had more scenes for her." Given how Man Of Steel ended, we're betting that Margot Kidder will get her wish in the Man Of Steel sequel.