Pacific Rim Clips, Behind the Scenes Video Surface Online

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With a wave of press casting doubt on the film's box office potential, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures appear keen to counteract the negativity surrounding Pacific Rim with a few looks at the film, reassuring potential viewers that they're in for a ride. To that end, they've released four new clips from the film in the last 24 hours, which you can check out below. There's also word that there will be a lengthy featurette released this weekend or Monday, along the lines of the 17-minute, interview-and-footage-filled monster from Man of Steel. Comic Book Movie have a sneak peek at some of that footage, which is also embedded below the four clips. It shouldn't be surprising that Legendary is taking a similar marketing strategy here to the one they and Warners used with Man of Steel; after all, that film turned out to be a massive hit for both studios in spite of reservations expressed before and during the film's opening by both critics and the Superman fanbase. In the first clip, titled "Can We Talk About This For One Second?", Charlie Hunman and Idris Elba have a very serious conversation, while in the second ("Elbow Rocket"), viewers can get their first extended look at how the Jaegers and Kaiju fight. Hint: It involves some pretty substantial property damage. Hellboy star Ron Perlman is featured in the aptly titled "I Need Access to a Kaiju Brain," and below that fans can see Rinko Kikuchi and Charlie Hunman sparring pretty intensely in "It's About Compatibility." Pacific Rim is due in theaters on July 12.