Pacific Rim Early Reviews Surface Online

Yesterday, posted about Looper director Rian Johnson’s early spoiler-free twitter [...]

Pacific Rim Trailer

Yesterday, posted about Looper director Rian Johnson's early spoiler-free twitter review of Pacific Rim. Johnson tweeted, "Go into Pacific Rim prepared to be transmogrified into a 12-year-old. And then to pee your pants with joy. I love it so much." Well, it turns out that Rian Johnson wasn't the only one that got an early look at Pacific Rim, as other tweets and short reviews are now starting to surface from a test screening. Some of the reviews contain mild spoilers, but overall no major plot points are given away. Of course, it's kind of hard to spoil a movie which everyone already knows is basically giant robots fighting giant monsters. Considering that the screening was apparently just a rough cut of Pacific Rim, it's very promising that viewers seemed to overall have a very positive reaction. Josie Kavadov tweeted, "Pacific Rim is everything I expected it to be! I love robots and monsters." Eric Church tweeted, "Saw a pre-screening of Pacific Rim... it is amazing." Alex Irvine tweeted, "So, yeah. You're going to want to see Pacific Rim." Brian Chojnowski tweeted, "Just saw an early cut of Pacific Rim and it is pretttttty cool." On, OriginsOfRuin posted a more extensive review, but still with no major spoilers. OriginsOfRuin wrote, "I just got back from the screening (though I'm not this guy's friend, haha), and I freaking loved it. That's all I can really say, but the FX are flat out incredible (the ones that were done) and the story is solid. I didn't know Charlie Day was in it, and being a big fan of It's Always Sunny, that was a pleasant surprise (he fits his role perfectly). Overall, it's probably the best summer monster movie I've seen, and out of summer movies in general, falls behind the new Batman series, but that's about it. I wrote on their response form that they should be proud of the movie and that I'm glad it's not another Transformers clone (re: Battleship). They killed it!" OriginsOfRuin also wrote, "Let's be honest, it's not meant to be a complex, character-driven movie like the Batman franchise. There are huge monsters, humans fight them with big machines, and that's your basic story. Beyond that, it's easy to root for the characters and the action set pieces and monsters are incredible and awesome. It's the summer action movie Transformers should've been, but failed epically at." As far as rating the movie, OriginsOfRuin wrote, "If IMDb were to allow me to rated the movie, I'd give it a 10/10. I generally rate movies pretty highly, but that goes with understanding the identity of the movie for me. This particular film wasn't meant to be anything more than giant robots fighting giant monsters. In that sense, it succeeded big time, and it had a lotta heart to go with it. I was thoroughly impressed and smiling throughout the film."