Pacific Rim's Box Office Future: Legendary Founder Thomas Tull Compares it to Star Wars

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In spite of reports of poor tracking that has had the entertainment press wondering whether Pacific Rim might not take #1 at the box office in its opening weekend, Legendary Pictures founder Thomas Tull doesn't sound particularly concerned. Without actually saying the numbers are no big deal, Tull suggested that not only are responses very positive from what he's seen, but that tracking is a number that doesn't mean as much outside of Hollywood as it does to supposed insiders. "Audiences that have seen the movie, love the movie," Tull told ShockTillYouDrop.  "I think in our core audiences and, sort of, the fanboy groups that want to see the movie...we have seen tracking wildly on all of our movies so, at this point, all we can say to audiences is if you go see this movie, you're going to love it and you're going to tell your friends - that's all we can do.  The other stuff, it has almost become like sporting events.  Every weekend, it's so wildly reported on and now even opining about tracking, which is kind of weird to me.  I can tell you, when I was a kid and Star Wars came out, I wasn't like, 'I don't know, the trailer looks cool, but the tracking sucks.'  I don't know what that is."