Paul Feig Fires Back At Ghostbusters Reboot Haters

Paul Feig has been making waves in Hollywood, with his radical notions that women can be funny and anchor films. Crazy, right? Well, some people actually think that's crazy and tell him so on twitter on a regular basis.

Wednesday seemed to be a bit of a breaking point for the writer and director, who regularly interacts with people on twitter - whether they're fans or jerks.

So what did he start saying Wednesday? "You're an ass," he said to one twitter user who insulted one of his stars. "God, you're tiresome, dude." "You all have no idea what we did, so stop acting like you do."

We feel for Feig, as the primary problem he seems to run into is people condemning his Ghostbusters movie, which isn't out yet, and has only literally ended principal photography last week. Eventually, even the nicest ones can crack, and when one "fan" berated him with several tweets in a row, Feig did just that.


And that's that. Ghostbusters, starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones as a new generation of ghost-fighting heroes, hits theaters July 14, 2016. Cameos with original castmembers like Sigourney Weaver and more have been confirmed... but also to Feig's chagrin, as he was trying really hard to keep them secret.