Paul Fieg Compares Play-Doh Movie to Ghostbusters Backlash


As happened with The Lego Movie before the first trailers started to hit, yesterday's announcement that The Heat and Ghostbusters director Paul Feig would take on a movie based on Play-Doh was met with quite a bit of online cynicism.

And during an interview with Yahoo! Movies, Feig essentially said he's used to it by now.

"The problem with the business in general is that stuff gets announced and nobody knows any context for what you're going to do or what your idea is, and so all they have is the ability to just lose their minds," he said. "That happened on Ghostbusters. They come from a place of thinking you're going to do the absolute worst version of whatever it is that they think you're going to do…. A lot of times you want to go, 'Just wait!'"

Saying that the male-led Ghostbusters film has nothing at all to do with his and came as a complete surprise when it was announced, Feig said that part of what appealed to him about doing the movie was the opportunity to put his own spin on it and use new characters. He said that rebooting the franchise was appealing because it meant distancing himself from the particulars of the older films and taking only a premise, which is easier to succeed in adapting than taking particular characters.


Feig's Ghostbusters is expected in theaters in July 2016.