Pepsi Releasing Pepsi Perfect In Honor of Back to the Future II

(Photo: Pepsi / Universal)

It's 2015. The Cubs are in the playoffs and could actually be World Series contenders. There are shoes that tie themselves, wall-mounted widescreen TVs, and 3D movies and sequels are all the rage. And now, you can get Pepsi Perfect, the Back to the Future II softdrink of choice.

Pepsi is releasing the "Future-istic" bottle and rebrand starting October 21, 2015, the day Marty arrives in the future in the film. The Pepsi Perfect bottle will be a limited edition, with only 6,500 made. It'll also be a bit more expensive than your average bottle of Pepsi, running $20.15 (get it?).

"Fans have always been a little bit crazy about it," Lou Arbetter PepsiCo's senior director of marketing told USA Today in an announcement. "We're fans of this popular trilogy, and just generally, if you work at Pepsi you're fans of pop culture. The brand has made its mark in pop culture frankly since Michael Jackson moonwalked. We've been dancing in and around pop culture for a while, so we took this as another opportunity to have a little bit of fun."


1,500 of the Pepsi Perfect bottles will be at New York Comic Con, and fans dressed as Marty McFly can get it for free. Queue your last second cosplaying.