Prometheus 2 To Be Called Alien: Paradise Lost

After just one installment, Prometheus filmmaker Ridley Scott has apparently decided that sequels to that film would do better with the Alien franchise explicitly attached.

During an interview released today, Scott revealed that the forthcoming film previously known only as Promehteus 2 will in fact be titled Alien: Paradise Lost.

You can check it out below (via HeyUGuys).


Last year, many thought that Scott's Prometheus follow-up would land in March 2016, but the director decided to tackle The Martain, an adaptation of Andy Weir best-selling sci-fi novel first. Now Alien: Paradise Lost is expected to begin production in January. The Prometheus sequel will pick up where the last movie left off, in that, Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender's David the android will be headed to homeworld of the Engineers to have them answer a very important question: Why did they create humans and then try to eradicate us?