Quentin Tarantino Teases Kill Bill 3


As fans begin to pack theaters to watch Quentin Tarantino's latest film, The Hateful Eight, people are beginning to wonder what's next for the director. Turns out, it might be Kill Bill 3.

We last saw Uma Thurman as "The Bride" 11 years ago and if Quentin has his way, she'll be making her way back on to screens in the near future. It's not something that's an immediate lock since Quentin has gone on record before saying he didn't want to return to that world, but in a recent interview with Variety it looks like he may have changed his mind.

"I'm not committing to it, but I wouldn't be surprised if The Bride made one more appearance before the whole thing is said and done," he told the outlet. "I am talking to Uma about it just a little bit. Some of the stuff that I'd written that never made it into the movie that maybe I could use."

The original film made just over $180.9 million at the worldwide box office. Kill Bill: Vol. 2, made $152.2 million.


So what do you think ComicBook.com readers? Are you excited at the possibility of another installment from Tarantino? Let us know in the comments below.