'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Projected to Win Thanksgiving Weekend Box Office

Ralph may be getting ready to break the internet in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph sequel opening this week, but it looks like he may just break the box office as well -- in a good way.

According to Deadline, Ralph Breaks the Internet is tracking to hit five-day box office numbers of $70 million over the Thanksgiving weekend. It's a number that would see Disney own the holiday weekend for the 12th time since 1982 and will even outdo the film's predecessor.

And that's not all. Ralph Breaks the Internet is crushing it advance ticket sales, too. Advance sales for the film are outpacing both Coco and Moana, both of which were also Thanksgiving weekend films.

For those going to see Ralph Breaks the Internet this week, it sounds like they might be in for a treat, too. Early reactions for the sequel were largely positive and even ComicBook.com's own Charlie Ridgely noted that "yes, Ralph Breaks the Internet is much bigger than Wreck-It Ralph, and I hesitate to say that it's actually "better." But at the very least it's on par with the original, proving that going big can, on a few rare occasions, actually be a good thing."

The film is centered around the titular Ralph literally breaking the internet. It's something that's a huge departure from the first Wreck-It Ralph, whose events all took place in a simple arcade. It's a departure that directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston felt were right for the sequel.

"Themes have changed, that's always been at the front of our mind," Johnston told ComicBook.com. "And Ralph being a guy who has a life that he really likes, so the idea that something would come in and invade his world that would force a change really. That ends up being the steering wheel breaking but the actual change in the Internet. And it's constantly changing and constantly evolving, and for a guy like Ralph who is more of a sort of homebody if you will. Something like that would create a ton of conflict beyond being a big expansive universe.

"It's a good place to send a guy like that, because comedies are about conflict and there's a lot of that in the Internet that Ralph is going to bump up against. That was really the why, why the Internet, because it's the worst possible place for Ralph."


"We wanted to drive some sort of wedge between Ralph and Vanellope, like Phil was saying that he's so comfortable at the beginning and so happy that we love to torture our characters. You know? It just feels like it was the perfect bad place to send him," added Moore. "Putting him in this situation where he has to go there if he wants to maintain what he's got there back at home. It just felt like we had found the right thing."

Ralph Breaks the Internet opens in theaters on Wednesday, November 21st.