Reebok Making Stompers For Alien Day


No celebration of Alien day would be complete without some slick shoes to commemorate the occasion, and Reebok's got you covered.

In observation of Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming Alien Day, which takes place on April 26th, Reebok is releasing a limited edition replica of Sigourney Weaver's high top stompers from the original Alien film. They are also offering Lance Henriksen's mid top version of the shoe, and both versions will be available at Reebok stores as well as

Alien Stomper image2
(Photo: Alien)

The shoes were custom designed for the film and were released after the film came out originally, but haven't been offered for sale since. If you're efficient about it, you can even grab the shoes before heading to one of the Alamo Theater screenings of the original Alien and its sequel Aliens.

You can check out all the other limited edition items on sale for Alien Day here.


via THR