Relaunch of The Crow Adds Nick Cave

Not so very long ago, plans were announced to reboot the film series The Crow. The film, originally based on the underground comic book focusing on a man brought back from death to avenge his girlfriend's murder, is taking a new direction with this relaunch, moving from its usual setting of the dark, jungle-like city to, in this new film, to a more Southwestern feel, with Mexico discussed as a location as well. Cave has been brought in for rewrites of the script, and he has had his hands in some other film projects over the years as well. Cave is best known as a singer-songwriter, whose career has spanned over twenty-five years. A respected artist, his attachment to the project gives many who viewed the relaunch skeptically at first reason to hope for a solid film. The original The Crow landed in theaters in 1994, starring the late Brandon Lee in the lead.