Remembering George Reeves On His Birthday


Today marks the anniversary of the birthday of a most beloved Man of Steel, George Reeves, star of Adventures of Superman.

Born George Keefer Brewer January 5, in Woolstock, Iowa, Reeves' film career began in 1939 when he was cast as Stuart Tarleton, one of the Tarleton Twins and a Scarlett O'Hara suitor in the film classic, Gone with the Wind. Reeves only appeared in the film for a minor role but its unprecedented success resulted in a contract for Reeves with Warner Brothers who changed his professional name to the one we know today.

In 1951, Reeves was offered the role of Superman in a new series entitled Adventures of Superman. The show's massive success made Reeves a national celebrity. The following year, a struggling ABC network purchased the national broadcast rights to the series. As a result, Reeves practically became an instant celebrity overnight.

Adventures of Superman is the first television series to feature Superman. It ran for six seasons with 104 episodes. It set the precedent for comic book TV shows and the movies we are treated to today.

Reeves' television and filmography credits (which score over 80 according to his IMDb profile) is nothing short of stellar. Throughout his career he worked with Hollywood icons such as James Cagney, Ronald Reagan, Lucille Ball and Tony Bennett.

He passed away on June 16, 1959.

Reeves' life was showcased in the 2006 film, Hollywoodland, where the Superman actor was portrayed by Ben Affleck. Affleck is taking over the role of Batman in this year's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is ranked third on Fandango's Most Anticipated Films of the Year list.

The film's anticipation is a testament to the Reeves' legacy.