Rob Liefeld and Erik Larsen Butt Heads on The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Last night on Facebook, Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen, who drew his fair share [...]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Last night on Facebook, Image Comics co-founder Erik Larsen, who drew his fair share of Spider-Man comics in his day, told his frinds and fans that he actually quite liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2. In the comments thread that succeeded it, most fans seemed on board with his remarks...but one in particular, Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld, disagreed rather vehemently. A little digging on Liefeld's own social media would reflect that after he saw the film, the X-Force and Supreme creator took to Twitter to blast the movie. Here, then, are some rather casual reviews as posted to social media by two of the most influential voices in '90s superhero comics. And they don't agree on...well, anything. In fact, in the comments thread on Facebook, Larsen told Liefeld that he disagreed with his takedown of the film "on every point." Erik Larsen (via Facebook)


I liked Amazing Spider-Man 2 quite a bit. Andrew Garfield is such a perfect Peter Parker and he's simply fun to watch. Tobey Maguire never felt like Peter Parker to me and Andrew just nails it--from the build to the hair to the smart ass, goofy demeanor. I wasn't a big fan of the Raimi films--they seemed corny to me--the worst part about the first Amazing Spider-Man, the lining up the cranes just felt like too many scenes in the Raimi films (like the defiant New Yorkers on the subway) and he couldn't keep his mask on for two consecutive seconds--which really was not an issue here. In my eyes Tobey Maguire is like the Romita Peter Parker and Andrew Garfield is the Ditko/McFarlane/Larsen one. Emma Stone isn't quite Gwen as I pictured her--but her chemistry with Andrew Garfield can't be denied. They're a fantastic screen couple. Kristen Dunst was a dud and their whole relationship felt off to me. And I couldn't understand Peter's obsession with her. Re-watching any of the Raimi films is a chore to me--with way too many groan out loud moments and just general awkwardness--but not in a good way. The new ones seem peppy and fun to me--you felt the love between Peter and his aunt and Peter and his uncle whereas the scene where Cliff Robertson reads aloud the want ads from the newspaper from the first Raimi film just seemed so stilted and wooden. They did pack in a lot. I wasn't thrilled that everything evil stemmed from Oscorp--but if that means skipping a few origins down the road--I'm all for that. Interesting that they skipped the introduction of J. Jonah Jameson and just had Peter taking pictures for the Bugle without actually having him visit the Bugle. Nice that they wrapped up the mystery with his parents and moved on--plus it gave him a compelling reason NOT to clear their name--lest he reveal himself--that was smart. My wife always has a succinct and often hilariously uninformed post-movie review in the car. She thought it was corny and too silly but her two quibbles just amused me enough: "They don't serve dim sum at night" and "Jamie Foxx had a gap in his teeth but after he became Electro he didn't have a gap in his teeth" --it seems weird to me that with all of the crazy shit going on--Max Dillon turning into an electrical man--that his teeth getting slightly altered after the change seemed an odd place to draw a line in the sand in regard to her suspension of disbelief. She also said, "So, Harry Osborn becomes the Silver Surfer?" which cracked me up. I thought the post-credits X-Men scene was an ill-fit. Better to have nothing than an ad for some other film--it just seemed really out of place. I'm torn on the end with Rhino. It seemed a really odd place to leave it but also kind of appropriate. He's a second stringer that couldn't carry a movie and his appearance here kind of said as much. The machine guns seemed a bit weird though. Better just to make him a Rhino guy--having a Rhino that shoots bullets seems tacked on. I wonder if Marvel can stick the Rhino in a Hulk movie? They're already willing to have two versions of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch--why not get him right somewhere? All in all--happy with how Spider-Man is shaping up. I wish whoever's doing the Fantastic Four could get their s*** together. That franchise is in the saddest shape of the current Marvel lot. Rob Liefeld (via Twitter)


This movie was GARBAGE!! Buy the classic Spider-Man comics this movie is loosely based on, They are far superior in every possible way. I will never see whatever abomination that was, ever, ever again. Joel Schumacher anyone?? I mean where was Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze?? When Dehaan hovers in in his... garb??... I'm like, so now it's Haim Saban and the Power Rangers? Godawful design. Let me put it this way, if Joel Schumacher Batman films are your thing, ASM 2 is your kind of throwback garbage! If you dig ASM 2, good on you. Enjoy your film. I just thought that style of film was past us. Electro is horrible, embarrassing. The film shifts tone every time he appears. Then Dehaan joins him in the camp portion 2/3 through. And whatever Goblin that is, it's the most horrible version ever. I thought I was watching an OZ film, expected flying monkeys. And Paul Giamatti??? What happened there??? Feige to Arad, " Now, I am the master...." Heavy breathing. My wife. " our kids will fall asleep during this film." That 25 minute stretch where the film screeches to a halt, all talking heads. "Great arm " "it's in the wrist..." Blah, blah, blah.... Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are so great. They deserve a special award for the effort they gave. They are in a different film. I saw a the negative reviews/headlines... Went in with the lowest possible expectations. It's just portly made/conceived. The first 18 minutes are really good. Curious to see the final weekend tally. They will apologize for this film before 3 comes out. Fall on the sword. Gwen Stacey hides in a closet from security, Oscorp versions of the Keystone cops. There is also a scene with a dead hand and a key....