Rob Liefeld Compares Deadpool To A Quentin Tarantino Movie


Excessive violence played for laughs?

Self-aware, pop-culture-savvy lead characters?

Beautiful women in tight clothing who can probably beat you up?

Yep...Quentin Tarantino is a fit for Deadpool.

The indie film icon isn't involved with the movie, but he's the point of comparison that the character's creator, Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld, uses to communicate the film's tone.

"Everything that made the script so unique is still there and it's still intact. Down to the R-rating, and I'm sorry kids. I have kids, too, and my daughter's not seeing it," joked Liefeld at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. "Deadpool's pretty hardcore, it's pretty awesome. When I first read it, I thought 'this is the voice of Tarantino in a comic book movie,' which is perfect because Deadpool is more crime-oriented, action-oriented, obviously, and Tarantino has got a great sense of humor."

You can see a video of Liefeld's talk below.

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