Rob Zombie Debuts Trailer For New Film 31

The premiere trailer for Rob Zombie's next film, 31, is here, and it's as grisly and gory as you'd expect.

The new movie centers around five carnival employees, who on the night before Halloween are abducted and held hostage by a group of murderous clowns who task the five individuals with surviving for 12 hours in their danger-filled compound, a game they call 31. The movie is set in 1975.


"Well my next movie is a movie called 31, and the inspiration for this is, I had read this fact, I'm not even sure if the fact's true, I don't even care because it inspired the movie, but how many people disappear ever October 31st, and I felt like, well, where do they all go or do they ever get found, and that was really what inspired the movie. It's the journey of five people who are abducted on Halloween and the horrible things that happen to them in order to survive it."


The Rob Zombie Directed and Written film promises to be intense, and will hit theatres on September 16th.