Ron Perlman Explains Why Hellboy III Won't Be Crowd Funded


"I wouldn't want to be involved in a crowd funded thing," Ron Perlman says when asked about a fan-funded Hellboy III.

Speaking to DigitalSpy at the Monte Carlo Festival de Television, Perlman explained why he doesn't want fans paying to produce Hellboy III. "I don't think it's the fans job to fund a movie. I think it's up to the people who do it professionally. I think it's the fans job to sit back and buy popcorn and Coke and watch the movie and enjoy it," Perlman explained.

There's no lack of enthusiasm for Hellboy III out of Perlman. He says he wants the movie "Sooner rather than later," adding that he doesn't want to do the movie, "from a wheelchair." When I spoke with him a couple of weeks ago he was adamant and hopeful that the trilogy would conclude. Clearly, he's not alone. Between the fan reactions and press buzz a single tweet has built, Hellboy III feels quite possible.

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