Russian Superhero Movie In The Works


This month sees the start of production on Defenders, a Russian superhero film.

Unconnected to Marvel's The Defenders, coming soon from Netflix, the film will tell the story of a team of superheroes created by secret "Patriot" organization from the representatives of various Soviet nationalities during the Cold War.

Each of the characters has "absorbed the strongest qualities of their people," according to a release for  thefilm. "In a hard time for the country, retired superheroes must once again defend their homeland."

There are four main characters, identified below, and of course, as you'd expect from any good Russian superhero movie, it features a bear with a machine gun.

The film's characters include Argus, a man with shapeshifting abilities; Han, a martial artist with the ability to control wind; Ksenia, a woman who can transform her body into water; and Ler, a man who can control earth.

We have to assume that the gun-toting bear controls "Heart."

You can check out the teaser trailer below.


The film starts shooting this month for a planned debut in 2016.