Ryan Coogler Reveals He Grew Up Reading Black Panther Comics

Black Panther Coogler

Black Panther has finally revealed its director to be Creed visionary Ryan Coogler.

While out promoting his new critically acclaimed film, the young director has to no surprise been asked about his upcoming super hero flick. His answer quickly shows his passion for the character he has been gifted the opportunity to bring to life on screen.

"The thing that got me most excited is that was the first African American character that I was introduced to in the mainstream comics," Coogler tells MTVNews. "I used to go to a comic shop right next to my elementary school in between basketball practice and track practice. We would go there and hang out. I remember one day, I asked the comic book owners, 'Are there any comic books about black people? Like X-Men or different things?' And he pointed out a couple of issues of Black Panther so that's the most exciting thing I would say."

What many folks don't realize is how much of an impact characters representing minorities can mean to a young mind. Coogler is a prime example. As a kid, he walked into a comic book store and asked if there were any black super heroes and was pointed in the right direction, and now, however many years later, he's been selected as the director for that hero's movie.


Black Panther will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain America: Civil War this May, followed by his standalone Black Panther movie which is set for release in February 2017.