Ryan Reynolds Discusses The Possiblity Of A Deadpool Spin-off


On the eve of the Wolverine movie's debut in theatres, actor Ryan Reynolds talked with MTV News to discuss the possibility of a Deadpool movie. According to the star, if he had his way, the Deadpool movie would be an R-rated musical with very crude undertones. Though Reynolds' tongue is firmly in cheek with his analogy, when it comes to the Merc with a Mouth, the actor may be on to something. "You definitely have to break the fourth wall and you have to find a way to make that make sense, which is no small feat. So it would involve a really talented writer, an amazing visionary director and I think a great collaboration between everybody passionate about this character," Reynolds told MTV. The star went on to talk about how the portrayal of Deadpool in the Wolverine movie was unfaithful to the comic book version. However, Reynolds understood that the concessions were made in order for the film to better feature the main character of Wolverine. Reynolds also warned that he wouldn't star in a potential Wolverine spin-off if the rest of the cast and crew didn't share the same vision he has for a Deadpool movie. In order to achieve this outcome, Reynolds may decide to follow in fellow X-Men Origin's co-star Hugh Jackman's footsteps and become an executive producer of a Marvel picture of his own, saying "But if I were going to do a 'Deadpool' movie, I would want to be pretty strict about keeping it real." Let's hope Reynolds get his wish.