Ryan Reynolds Rates Green Lantern as One on a Scale of One to Ten


During the Watch What Happens Life segment "Plead the Fifth," celebrities are asked questions meant to make them uncomfortable, and they're allowed to plead the fifth once during the questionnaire. Well, it's pretty hard to make Ryan Reynolds uncomfortable, as he's shown on his press tour for, and his nude fight scene in, Deadpool.

Andy Cohen's second question for Reynolds? What do you rate the Green Lantern film on a scale of one to ten?

"I would give it a scant... 4? Yeah, 3 or 4?" he started out saying diplomatically. "ONE! IT'S A ONE!" he finally shouted, making the other guest, Olivia Wilde, crack up.

If you want to hear Reynolds and Cohen talk about his taint, then you can watch the video for that and more. It's... yeah.


Deadpool is in theaters right now. T.J. Miller wants to remind you.