Ryan Reynolds Reveals Deadpool Movie Sweater Poster

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

The #12DaysOfDeadpool counting down to the new trailer on Christmas Day continues today with a new poster from Ryan Reynolds, who now seems like he's taken over as marketing manager for Deadpool in addition to starring in it. Dude loves his movie, is all we're saying.

The "Ugly Christmas Sweater" is shockingly tame for Deadpool, only saying his name and being a turtleneck. I really expected more, I dunno, decapitated heads? Chimichangas?

Along with the image, Reynolds tweeted, "This sweater is like wearing a coffin made entirely out of adorable." Expect more Deadpool every day until Christmas, when Fox will make us work on the holiday to post the new trailer.


Deadpool hits theaters February 12, 2016.