Ryan Reynolds Wants an R-Rated X-Force Movie


When you see Deadpool in theaters next month, you'll instantly see why it's rated R. The violence, nudity, and language is intertwined so deeply throughout the film, to try to make cuts to reduce the rating would make it "a very short movie," as star Ryan Reynolds said. At the surprise screening of the film for fans, Reynolds talked about the future of R-rated comic book movies, and what in particular he'd like to see come of it all.

"I think it has to [open the door for more R-rated superhero movies], I hope so," Reynolds said. "There are a lot of superhero movies out there on the market. It's a genre unto itself. I personally would like to see more rated R ones. I just think it's time. We'll see if this holds. Hollywood shamefully copycats every movie that works – so if this does work, you'll probably see more rated R films!"

Of course, solo movies are a great way to bring that to a reality, and Reynolds said the next Deadpool film might just be a team-up with comic book pal Cable, but team films are where the big money tends to be.

"I don't think you're going to see a rated R Avengers movie, but there's room for other ones. I think there's room for a rated R X-Force movie!" he said emphatically.

X-Force is a team in the comic books that has gone through many incarnations, but they tend to have either Cable or Deadpool (or both) on the roster in any case. The team is typically a proactive strike force, taking threats out before they can cause the next disaster, and tends to have a deadlier line-up of characters. There has already been work on an X-Force film, too; in 2013, Jeff Wadlow wrote a screenplay for one, though it's been in a bit of Hollywood limbo since.

Maybe if Deadpool does well enough, it will open the door like Reynolds supposes.

Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Tim Miller, hits theaters February 12, 2016.