Ryan Reynolds Wants To Do A R-Rated Deadpool Movie

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

In an interview with IGN, Ryan Reynolds was asked about two of the comic book characters that he has previously played in movies. In regards to a Deadpool movie, Ryan Reynolds revealed that the script had been developed further over the last three months, and he described the script as "fantastic." Reynolds also expressed, "The film has to be rated R." Of course the R rating wouldn't be without controversy, as Reynolds added it could be "a little worrisome for the guys cutting the checks for it." In perhaps the most surprising bit of news, Ryan Reynolds revealed that a Deadpool movie would be a fresh start for the character. Reynolds said, "It would actually have absolutely no connection to the one that was in Wolverine."   As far as a Green Lantern sequel, the outlook didn't look promising. Reynolds said, "I have no idea." If the title star of a movie has no idea about sequel plans, then that's usually a pretty good indication that there is not one actively under way.

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To further cast doubt on Green Lantern, Reynolds added, "Personally, I just, working in budget world of that kind of level is not as much fun, because there's so much investment in outcome, and you can't really have a lot of fun, but if we ended up doing a Deadpool movie that would be a lot of fun I think." Reynolds went on to clarify his reasoning as that an R rated Deadpool movie would have a lower budget, which would allow more risks to be taken.