Scarlett Johansson's Banned Super Bowl Ad

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Scarlett Johansson might play a superhero in The Avengers movies, but her part in saving the world gained her no advantage when it came to the Fox censors. Johansson's original 2014 Super Bowl ad for SodaStream was banned by Fox. However, the reason that the ad was rejected by Fox might surprise you. The SodaStream ad was not banned because Johansson sheds a white robe to reveal a sexy black dress or because she seductively sips from her straw. No, the SodaStream ad was banned because of a couple of words that Johannson utters during the commercial. At the end of the SodaStream commercial that was banned, Johansson said, "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi." With Coke and Pepsi being major Super Bowl advertisers, Fox evidently didn't want to risk upsetting them, and Fox has demanded that SodaStream kill the line. Sodastream will comply and remove the line, so an edited version of the ad will air during Super Bowl XLVIII. However, we've embedded the uncensored version below for Black Widow fans to enjoy.