Sgt. Rock Movie Marching Ahead!

It appears that in order for a movie based on the DC Comics' character Sgt. Rock to move forward it had to give up the past. Part of the difficulty in bringing Sgt. Rock to the silver screen has been the comic's World War II-based action. Word has come, from The Hollywood Reporter, that the makers of the film hope to solve that problem by setting the movie in the future. There have been several names attached to the project in various forms, such as Guy Ritchie, but it appears that a creative team is finally in place for the long-delayed project. Director of the hit movie I Am Legend, Francis Lawrence, will helm the film, with Chad St. John handling script duties for the war hero's leap to the big screen. First appearing in the 1950's, the character fought alongside a band of men in many of World War II's major battles, his adventures starting in the pages of Our Army at War. While no set dates have been attached to the project at this time, the picture could go one of two ways with fans of the character: could it be seen as a complete turn away from the character with the shift in time to the future, or will it be seen as a fresh and contemporary take on a classic, yet lesser-known, DC character?