Shadowman Movie's Straczynski Talks Sequels, Harbinger, Green Lantern

During a recent interview with MTV Geek, Shadowman film writer J. Michael Straczynski took time out to give fans a sense for what attracted to the project and what they can expect to see when Valiant's darkest hero comes to the big screen. Saying that he took the job because "A, I like jazz. B, I like the supernatural. And there's a really cool mix between those two," Straczynski said the connection was "not just in terms of the usual New Orleans, Voodooo environment, but what is music but incantation?". He also shared his thoughts on the Green Lantern movie, saying that one of the reasons you won't see other Valiant characters appearing in Shadowman right away is that he'd like to hold that off for potential sequels, as he thinks Green Lantern should have done. Straczynski sais that while Green Lantern should have been about how unique and special Hal Jordan was as the only human worthy of the Green Lantern ring, and that the Corps should have been introduced a movie or two down the road, shunting him off into space immediately made him less unique and didn't serve the character. That's why, he says, you won't see Harbinger bouncing around in this movie. Shadowman is the focus of the first film, and if there will be more to come, it will be later. Check out the full interview below.

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