Some Deadpool Scenes Get Censored for Release in India


Deadpool is a very violent, very foul movie, and that has given it some problems in international markets. In China, the movie will not release at all after they deemed it too inappropriate.

After initially looking like India may go the same route, they have now decided to release the movie - though some edits and censoring have been made to tone down the violence, nudity, and graphic language.

Exactly what those cuts and edits could be are fairly easy to imagine, though some of the most graphic violence and nudity come at very pivotal moments in the story. When Ryan Reynolds was asked about a PG-13 version, he said that edits would make the movie virtually non-existent.

"I mean, you saw it. That would be a very short movie. It's almost a commercial at that point," he said of one with PG-13 acceptable cuts.


Regardless, Indian movie-goers can see at least a version of Deadpool in theaters, with release same day as the U.S., Friday February 12, 2016.