Sony Reportedly Offers Abbey Lee Surprising Dark Tower Movie Role


The Hollywood trades are reporting that Sony Pictures and MRC have offered Abbey Lee from Mad Max: Fury Road a role in The Dark Tower, but it's a strange one. The role, reported by Variety, Deadline, and elsewhere is an extremely obscure character named Tirana.

The character has a very minor role in the story (so minor she doesn't have her own entry on a dedicated wiki for the series of eight novels and its many tie-ins by Stephen King). She's one of the Low-men or Regulators, who also had their own book under a King pen name Richard Bachman, and appears to only actually show up in the final book of the main series. The Regulators in general serve the real big bad, the Crimson King - who, again, doesn't appear until much later in the story than the first chapter, "The Gunslinger."

That leads to the question, will she be playing someone else and the trades just have it wrong? Is the name a code name? Or are they completely re-writing the story of The Dark Tower to give Tirana a much more prominent role?


This is only the third character reportedly cast, after Idris Elba as the lead Roland Deschain, and Matthew McConaughey as Martin aka The Man in Black. Sony and MRC have not made any official casting announcements, but producer Akiva Goldsman has said Elba is "likely to play" the character.