Spider-Man 2 Star Alfred Molina Would Return as Doctor Octopus "In a Heartbeat"

During an interview earlier this week with Collider, Spider-Man 2 villain Alfred Molina expressed [...]

During an interview earlier this week with ColliderSpider-Man 2 villain Alfred Molina expressed that he'd very much like to take another swing at his fan-favorite role as Doctor Octopus, although he knows the odds are not very good he'd be given the opportunity, given the nature of the Amazing Spider-Man reboot.

"That was the most fun I think I've ever had on a movie of that kind, you know, those big, big sort of features where you spend like six months hanging off a wire, you know, and that stuff," Molina said. "But it was the first movie of that kind that I've ever been involved in. I had a wonderful time. I loved it. I mean, I'd go back and do it again in a heartbeat."

Saying that he understands no actor "owns those roles," the actor also joked about having wanted to bring in a friend of his as Doc Ock's sidekick "Captain Calimari."

You can check the video out above. Molina's latest film, Love is Strange, is due out tomorrow. Doc Ock is expected to play a role in Sinister Six, which is expected in theaters November 11, 2016.