Spider-Man: Miles Morales Fan Film Released


Miles Morales might not be coming to the big screen anytime soon, with Marvel and Sony rebooting the Peter Parker-centric Spider-Man film franchise once again, but that doesn't mean there's no room for the character in live action.

A new fan film from Bard Tales Production picks up from the death of Spider-Man in the Ultimate Comics universe and

You can check it out below.

A heartfelt take on Miles' origin, the film is probably most notable for focusing less on the costumed superheroics and more on the "world without a Spider-Man" angle that's a little less sexy, but provides a strong storytelling engine and an emotional gravity that Miles just stepping in the minute there was a job vacancy doesn't.


Given the popularity of the video so far and the comments on the YouTube page, don't be surprised if there's more to come...!