Stan Lee Says Deadpool Movie Was His Favorite Cameo


At bi-coastal surprise fan screenings of Deadpool, the cast and crew came out to celebrate. Thanks to his 900th (exaggerated number) Marvel movie cameo, that included Stan Lee at the West Coast presentation. A fan Q&A followed the screening.

Lee's cameo is hilarious, and as revealed at Comic-Con, takes place in an... unexpected venue (won't spoil it here). When he was asked which cameo, out of all his movies, has been his favorite, Lee answered quickly, and in signature Stan The Man fashion.

"This one! I'm not so dumb," he said with a laugh.

The godfather of Marvel Comics also joked during the Q&A the the movie "didn't go far enough" when it came to certain aspects. What did he want to see?

"More nakedness!" the creator joked. He also would've liked a "bigger cameo."

Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, gave Lee his due at the end of the Q&A, signing off with a simple statement:

"No Stan, no Marvel. No Marvel, no Deadpool. Period," Liefeld said.

Watch Stan Lee's funniest cameo ever in Deadpool on February 12, 2016.