Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser: Will Kirk Die?


So, the first (well, second) footage from Star Trek Into Darkness has finally hit the Web and This wasn't your average "slow roll over the logo" teaser trailer; in just over a minute, J.J. Abrams and company set the stage for an action-packed movie with a tone that's much darker than its predecessor. And then there's a Japanese version with an extra couple of seconds and an interesting tease. What did we notice? It may imply that Captain James T. Kirk will die in the film. Check out the footage below, taken from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, in which Kirk and Spock are, like in the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser, trapped on opposite sides of blast-proof protective glass. While Spock (spoilers) dies in the original, both the synopsis of the film and the nature of the teaser seem to be hinting that it could be Kirk who sacrifices himself for the crew of the Enterprise in this film. Mirroring Spock's death, one of the key scenes in Trek history, might be a misdirect, of course, but the official synopsis hints at a major sacrifice along the way and it could be that Abrams and company are flipping the roles to subvert expectations while still keeping the tone and feeling of Spock's death in place. Of course, there's a school of thought in Star Trek that since both Kirk and Spock are always going to be back, any such death will likely be undone in the next movie...and if that's the case, maybe it makes sense for the captain to be the one to go down with the ship?