Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer May Contain Multiple Secret Messages


With franchise movies, fans are used to studios inserting Easter Eggs into trailers. Sometimes the Easter Eggs are hints at a cameo in the movie or a link to a viral website about the movie. The Star Trek Into Darkness trailer definitely has one secret message, as the website URL appears on a monitor in the scene where Benedict Cumberbatch's character appears behind a glass wall. However, there also might be a second Easter Egg in the trailer. At the end of the new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, there is a little something that has left fans wondering. After the trailer ends, there is a black screen before an upside down, backwards spelling of the word "Finish" flashes across the screen. The upside down, backwards "Finish" only appears for a moment. It's possible that it's just a part of the trailer video that the studio either mistakenly included or left in just to give an artsy feel to the trailer. However, fans are also wondering if it could be some type of clue that will play into a viral campaign down the road.