Star Trek Into Darkness Villain's Identity Revealed

0commentsBenedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness

With nearly a month to go before the film's official domestic release on May 17, the identity of the mysterious villain at the center of Star Trek Into Darkness has been revealed today, following a press screening and the film's world premiere earlier this week. Obviously, there are spoilers ahead and if you don't want to know, don't read on...but you probably should also avoid the Internet for the next three weeks or so. Unfortunately, these things travel far and fast. Spoiler space... ... ... ... A spoiler-filled review over at Furious Fanboys asserts that "Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. All that bull---t of him not being Khan and really 'John Harrison' was just a cover to hide the truth from moviegoers. Oh, he does go by 'John Harrison' in the movie…but that's not his real name. He reveals his name to Kirk later in the movie." The story reportedly sees Khan and others like him used by the Federation to help build up Earth's defenses against the Klingons, who are perceived as a greater threat than ever. He's apparently somewhat sympathetic in that he's a captain whose crew is being used against him, with their lives under threat if he doesn't cooperate. The full review goes into much more detail (as is wont to happen with these earliest screenings, where the first few critics see the opportunity to grab a lot of attention by providing the spoiler-hungry Internet with what they're looking for), but that is, of course, the bit that most readers will want to know and there's little sense in spoiling everything. It sounds as though there are a lot of plates spinning for much of the film, so it will be interesting to see how it all turns out. Could this turn out to be a false review? Certainly--the version of events described in it tracks nicely with spoilers leaked after a press screening earlier this month. It seems unlikely, though; everyone knew that the secret would be out this week after the first large-scale screening of the film.