Star Trek: The Original Series Cast Watches Star Trek Beyond Trailer


UPDATE: Well, looks like Paramount or CBS didn't think this was very funny, and the video was removed. Sorry!

There is a contingency of fans that has a specific problem with Star Trek Beyond and its action and Beastie Boys-infused trailer: it's not exactly like the original series. While others would argue that it's merely taking the Star Trek formula into the modern age of storytelling, the naysayers are still there.

One such naysayer, or at least a representative of them, Vernon Wilmer, has remixed that trailer to show the distaste of that crowd. The new video lets the original cast speak for themselves as they watch the new trailer.

Star Trek Beyond (Vernon style!)

Haven't seen the new Star Trek trailer yet? Well here it is Vernon style, being watched by the crew of the original Enterprise.

Posted by Vernon Wilmer on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Star Trek Beyond - with its own style for better or for worse - is in theaters July 8, 2016.