Star Trek 2 Villain Apparently Revealed in Dredd Interview

Karl Urban, who stars as Judge Dredd in the upcoming Lionsgate reboot of the franchise, Dredd 3D, also stars in the Star Trek films as Bones McCoy. And thanks to the good doctor, it appears as though we've got three little words for the long-simmering mystery as to who the villain of Star Trek 2 would be: "It's dead, Jim." That's because in an interview during the Dredd press junket, Urban reportedly told a reporter that villain Benedict Cumberpatch is "awesome, he's a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary." Wait, back up. Gary Mitchell? As Bleeding Cool points out, didn't the filmmakers already poo-poo that particular villain when asked? Anyway, the U.K.'s SFX Magazine (linked above) describes the character like this:

"Gary Mitchell first appeared in original series episode"Where No Man Has Gone Before" as an old academy acquaintance of Kirk who ends up transformed into a wrathful God-like antagonist after encountering the galactic barrier."

More on this as it develops.